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Back in 2000 a tiny, some would say insignificant radio station in the South East of London called Millennium FM released it’s very first CD.

Being a radio station you would expect that it would be a music CD, no not the case. This was a compilation of Football commentaries, some of the most biased, one sided commentaries that you could ever expect to hear. From a Charlton fans perspective they were perfect. They were ours. Mark Mansfield provided superb coverage with commentaries on a Saturday and the two hour Sunday night show.

The audio has Jon Lucas providing the intro’s. Mark is Joined on commentary by Steve “Dicko” Dixon on away games and Valley Legend Colin “Paddy” Powell at home games.

Over the next few days/weeks we will be putting up the whole season for you to enjoy. Goals from Super Clive, Andy Hunt, Richard Rufus, Graham Stuart, Johnny Robinson.

The CD was released shortly before the club signed an exclusive Radio deal with Capital FM. Unfortunately Millennium could not afford to compete with it’s much larger rival and had to give way from the start of the 2001/02 season. Sadly it meant the end of live commentaries on Millennium as Mark departed the station and the club acrimoniously. A very sad end to the relationship.

The last I heard was that Mark had moved back to his native Wales and has no connection with the Addicks. A rather sad ending to what was a superb time, especially as he was Mr. Charlton Live.




Start of the season – Barnsley (H)


Norwich City (H)


Fulham (A)


Bolton (H)


Sheff Utd (A)


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