After former FA chairman David Bernstein called for England and other of the world’s major nations to boycott the 2022 World Cup in Qatar I question why the World Cup was given to such a unknown ( in the footballing nation ) and a country that is one of the youngest when it comes to international football.

Qatar faced opposition from United States, Australia, Japan and South Korea won fairly comfortably in there surprise victory over some far bigger countries in the political and with a reasonable reputation in the football world too.

Whilst looking at some of the bids for the World Cup I was shocked to see that Qatar’s bid included a city that hasn’t even been built will host the World Cup Final. There will be 12 stadiums in Qatar for the world cup with only 3 of the stadiums already built.

The complete opposite to Qatar is USA all of the grounds USA put forward to use are all ready for use ad there was no need to improve any facilities in the surrounding areas.

USA seemed the perfect choice in my opinion for the 2022 World Cup, A country with a growing “soccer league” and an every improving national side who may be at the top of their football by 2022 would seem natural and normal hosts for a World Cup.

Japan and South Korea hosted a World Cup just 12 years ago, 20 by the time of the 2022 world cup, so I could understand not choosing them as a World Cup host. However there was also one other nation in the running for the World Cup and it wasn’t a small nation either.
Australian football is also on the rise with more people than ever watching the A League as well as the improvement to the league with players like Emile Heskey and Alessandro Del Piero.

Australia needed major upgrades to their current facilities to make the grounds useable to host a World Cup, or so you would think. The Final would be held in the world known MCG ( Well in cricket) which can hold up to 100,000 fans as well as Sydney’s Stadium Australia which can hold up to 84,000 and was expected to host one of the Semi Finals.

A summer World Cup you’d think should be held by a country that has the perfect conditions for all countries. A look at the countries weather during the British summer shows an average of 46 Fahrenheit in Qatar over July 2014.

In USA host City, California, 27 Fahrenheit was average and seems respectable for all nations. Melbourne in Australia averaged 15 in the Australian winter and therefor again seems reasonable for the nations that head to Australia to the World Cup.

Qatar to me just doesn’t seem the good host on paper. Not only does Qatar mean building many new stadiums it also means building Al Daayen into a City.

After watching the World Cup in Brazil narrowly be ready after having to build many new stadiums and facilities I am worried that Qatar may suffer the same outcome and we may look back at it as a failed World Cup.

USA seemed much the better nation to host the World Cup and even had the facilities and stadiums to already host the World Cup if it was this year. A country that has been on the rise in “ soccer” and moves closer towards greatness in the international stage.

United States must feel like they’ve been robbed by FIFA. I cannot see how United States will not be hosting a World Cup and Qatar far from wonderful with all the things put into perspective hosting a world cup in the near future.

Written by Dan Finch
You can follow Dan on Twitter @Dan_Finchy

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