Peter Finch tells us all about the new show broadcast on Meridian Radio that was launched for the 2012/2013 season. 

This season has seen the launch of our new 1 hour show on Meridian, broadcast on a Friday evening at 5pm and repeated on Saturdays at 7am, the show has greatly improved Meridians listening figures, and given non –subscribers a flavour of the normal Sunday show.

Since Christmas the show has also been released at around 8pm on a Friday on iTunes, again this has proved very popular and will continue next season. The format of the show is we look back at the previous weekends’ game and discuss the points of interest. The show also features an interview from our archives, which could lead us to a few problems next season as we have pretty much exhausted our archives of interviews, so we will need to find alternatives on occasions, so any ideas please email!

Louis Mendez then provides us with the latest up to date ticket news, and to finish off we preview the upcoming match, throw in a couple of tunes and we have a pretty busy hour. Over the course of this season, Suzy Gallop, Olly Groome and Louis Mendez have been the main contributors along with me, but we have also had Steve Adamson, Phil Marks, Dan Finch and Dan Hughes making the odd appearance, next season we will look to utilise more of the Charlton Live team to help out, we will not be straying too much from the format we have now.

The show is pre-recorded on a Thursday evening, and is recorded without interruption much as we would with a normal show, so any mistakes we make are left in. On a few occasions we have started a show and very quickly I have made a cock up but after a few swear words we usually start again. There are times when we try and start recording but get distracted. Recently Olly had a bit of thing about Holly Willoughby, so instead of recording we were discussing the pros and cons of young Holly. That show was about 45 minutes late being recorded!

There is one downside to the success of the Meridian Show, as a result we feel that it’s time to finish the Saturday Show. We believe the Meridian Show pretty much provides all the information fans need and can be downloaded and listened to on the way to away games, so next season the Saturday Show will be no more. But don’t worry, you will still hear the hosts and contributors helping out on the Meridian Show and the Sunday Show.

Thanks for all your emails and tweets, they are greatly appreciated by the team and if you have any ideas for Charlton Live, email us at  The show will be back on the Friday night before the first game of the season, you can listen live on or download from iTunes, search for Charlton Live On Meridian. All of this seasons’ shows are still available and are free to download.


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