As I write this I’m in two moods as to how close we actually are towards achieving our promotional aim.

My heart is telling me that being 10 points clear and only having 18 games left means we are there but my head reminds me that we are Charlton!

We have 54 possible points left to play for and are 36 points from reaching the magic 100 points mark – and you have to be very unlucky to notch 100 points and not gain promoted. I think we will have promotion secured within the next 12 games with Yeovil at home or Huddersfield away securing it.

There’s plenty of discussion on forums about how every team goes through a dip in form and that a 10 point lead is nothing in a division like this one. But I would like to point out that the Addicks can afford to lose three matches in a row and still remain top of the league.

Besides, how many title-chasing teams lose three games in a row?  I can’t see us changing position in the table or having that big of a dip.

There’s also been talk that we haven’t really been plagued by injuries but the difference is we have a much deeper squad this season so that when layouts such as Johnnie Jackson’s and Dale Stephens’ occurred, we had players in our team who were able to slip right into their place.

Last but not least, there has been talk about us spending big money. To that, I point out the million received for Carl Jenkinson. Only four main team players remain from last season so yes we have spent money, but we have also secured a lot of bargains such as Yann Kemogrant on a free so the books overall will not show as much expenditure as some are suggesting.

Promotion was the aim for the start of the season but the precise focus now is to win the league. It’s ours to lose and I’m going to throw all my cards on the table and say we have virtually clinched that initial goal. Now we will concentrate on being crowned the champions of League One.

Let’s all get behind the team now and up we’ll go as champions, not in second place.


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