Since the day we fell from the bottom of the premier league, Charlton fans have always looked to the season with optimism but things were not to be and even though on paper had one of the best squads each time we fell down we just could not get ourselves going and making our way back up.

So it’s nice to be in a position after 20 league games played Charlton are where they belong, especially as everything else outside of the Charlton bubble seems to be falling apart. I truly believe that football has lost it’s touch with it’s fans and that the clubs in the premiership, especially the top 6 are completely detached and forget that their fans work their nuts off to buy their beloved season tickets.

As the lads touched on the Sunday show, we had players with that certain detachment during our premiership days. I’m not tarnishing all players like that as there are some greats still out there, but unfortunately there are those that will see themselves better than those who worship the ground they walk on.

So being in the lower division has it’s benefits, the biggest benefit I’d say is that we have players who are a great bunch. Not only are they playing as a team I feel they are playing for us! So approachable, is it inevitable that as we progress up the leagues we will see less and less of that? Is that the downside to getting success?

What am I trying to say?

I just feel the world has gone a bit mental and it’s nice to sit back and forget about it all because everything at my beloved club is all going well. Chris Powell is doing a wonderful job after bringing in 20 new players, likely to be more in January? If you look at the league table you will see that Charlton have 43 goals after 20 games, that is an average of 2.15 goals per game. 43 goals! I honestly cannot quite believe that figure and what even makes that figure more pleasing is that we have only conceded 8! Which is less that half a goal per game, I think you would agree that looks like a promotion winning statistics.

Getting a draw at Walsall I see as a good result.

Not only have our team been playing well and even when we have not have managed to grind out a win or draw, we have tasted defeat only once in the league. Results have for the majority I feel have gone in our favour, it seems funny that when things are going well on the pitch other bits and pieces just seem to fall into place. It’s unusual as a Charlton fan thinking that, but think about it. It’s true! Think how many penalties we have won this season already, more than any previous seasons?? I don’t know if that is a fact but it sure feels like it.

So the press don’t give us any coverage, it’s always been like that. I try not to let it bother me and I say lets remain stealth and smash this league and other teams into small pieces.

The other week Mr Finch and I were talking in the car and I asked him if the league was to finish now who would be your player of the year? It’s a tough cookie that one, last year Semedo winning was from the heart rather than the head.

This has been a blog that is all over the place and I apologise, but I’m still buzzing. I’ve been buzzing since the end of last season and it’s nice to be on this ride with the rest of the fans and my colleagues at Charlton Live. Especially now thanks to the Charlton Community Trust and the Club we have a brand spanking new studio at our disposal!

Let the good times roll! Until next time, COYR!

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