Monday the 10th October 2011, 12 games played, 8 won, 4 drawn and ZERO lost! That makes for good reading does it not? Since the 6th of August we have been unbeaten, surely it we will lose at some point? But then again we could go all the away without losing? But most   will concede eventually we shall lose, just be prepared for it.

There is a small section of the crowd who are unhappy with the result, personally I think they are wrong to be. Tranmere came here with a certain tactic, they are a team full of big players and have had a good start to their campaign. It was obvious they were on top in the 1st half, they played to their strengths which is what each team does.

Yes there was some unsportsmanship from a few of their players which again frustrated our fans, but that’s what teams come here to do and it does worry me that some just do not understand that and react to it all the time. As previously said last year by one manager, I forget which at this time. They know if they irritate the crowd then they quickly turn and that does continue to be the case though to a lesser extent.

Is time wasting wrong? Suppose you can say it is, but it’s everywhere in the game so whilst it annoys me I’m not going to let it frustrate me as we see it week in week out and I’m going to rise above it. Because I’m sure that is what Chris Powell expects from his team.

Let’s take the penalty kick for example, Johnnie Jackson was ready for a while to strike the ball but there were certain tactics deployed by the opposition to try and ruffle his feathers. As I stood there watching what their keeper and some of their players antics I turned to the lad Tom next to me and said it won’t affect him and laughed off what they were trying to do. And I was right!

I could sit here and write about the penalty that was and the fact the referee made some poor decisions, but quite frankly I’m fed up for the poor officials at this level so I’m not even going to waste my time. It happened end of.

The second half performance displayed by the lads was a better one and I’m glad what Chris Powell said or changed had an effect. Though I have to question the managers decision to start Green over Wagstaff.

Kermorgant  had demonstrated during his cameo appearances what he offers to our attack so I get why he was started before Hayes, saying that though I think Hayes is better at bringing our midfield into the game.

Regarding Green. Most of the first half past him by which is not his fault, but he looked out of sorts, a few yards behind the game like he did I thought on Wednesday. I’m going to berate him but try to understand why the gaffer made that choice. As discussed on Charlton Live last night Green had setup Kermorgant goals with his crossing, which is definitely a part of his game which is stronger than Wagstaff’s. I’m sure everyone would agree on that.

But Green has had a bad run of luck since joining us, picked up an injury and then had a virus which certainly shows. Ready to start? I think not, but then again I’m not fully aware of any knocks picked up in training or the tactics discussed prior to the game. I can only speculate and I don’t like questioning the manager but I think it’s something I had to look at. A fit Green will be a better option but there will be games that Wagstaff will be better suited and the lad has a great attitude and work rate, would be good if we could find room for them both but we all know that won’t be possible unless we get hit badly with injuries.

End of that topic.

Can I just add if you’re a CAFC player subscriber make sure you check out Less Parry’s press conference, whilst funny I think it is his attempt to deflect from his team. It takes the heat off them to a degree and puts the spot light on him and also means he does not have to answer any difficult questions. Hey by all means I could be wrong about that.

Moving forward, Stevenage away and if you look at the away form we have won 2 more games on our travels than at home. Does the pressure of the home crowd get the players or do we step our game up for the away legs? Only the players and management will have an possible understanding.

I’m very happy to be a Charlton supporter right now, and yes we don’t get the press coverage that we should. But I have to say there was a lot of press and media at the game Saturday, you probably noticed that the Football League show was all recorded at the Valley.

Can I just ask that we stay away from getting on the backs of our players, they need our continued support to help with continuing this run which is our best start to a season ever!! I appreciate discussion on topics such as Green over Waggy, so let us know your thoughts!

Until next time….UP THE ADDICKS!

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