Charlton Live BlogI like to think I’m pretty Tech savvy, despite what Glovepup thinks. Ever since computers became mainstream some 30 or so years ago I’ve always been “connected” you may say. That’s why I’ve embraced the internet. It was a natural progression from the day when I first got my hands on a ZX81.

Technology, mainly the internet, has made supporting Charlton a 24/7 experience. Whatever you want it’s there somewhere. Forums discussing the ins and outs of the pies on sale in the lower north to Radio shows discussing which player likes rolo’s, you can easily get your fill of Addicks participation.

For me, my addiction has been Twitter and keeping in contact with the great community of fans in the twitterverse. Also my monthly subscription to Player. Catching up on the latest goings on in SE7 (and SE9).

So when I decide to go away on a weeks holiday during one of the most exciting starts to a season in many a year, just how do you keep in contact?

I could have easily switched on my mobile roaming and surfed the net, however that would have cost me quite a bit. So it stayed off.

The hotel had wi-fi in the lobby but none poolside or any connection in the room. Thankfully one local “pub” had free wi-fi so out came the phone every time we walked past the place. My wife was not happy, moaning that I shouldn’t be so keen to use the chance of a free connection. I was on holiday after all.

I suppose she was right, I should have been relaxing, but on the Saturday and Tuesday nights we were playing I couldn’t do without it. I had to be in contact.

I guess that’s the point i’m making, we’re all so used to having instant access to satisfy our need for information, you only realise how lucky we all are when you don’t have it.

I can kind of appreciate the vacuum felt by our supporters living abroad when the net was in it’s infancy and communications hadn’t become so easily accessed. Not that i’m saying it’s easy now for some.

Anyway, first thing I did as we landed at Gatwick was to turn back on my roaming. Again, much to the wife’s disgust.

Never mind.

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