Sorry it’s taken so long to bring you all the audio that was recorded by our very own Matt Fricker (smurf lover), but here it is! Enjoy

Fans Talk About The Summer Transfers

[audio: Transfer talk pre match with Bradley Pritchard Ident on end.mp3]

Fans Give Us Their Predictions For The Season

[audio: Predictions with JJ ident.mp3]

Is Chris Powell Ruthless?

[audio: CP Ruthless with Slater ident.mp3]

Fan Gives Her Opinion On Bournemouth and Prediction

[audio: match Bournemouth fan NO STAB AT END.mp3]

Fans Reaction To The Match

[audio: to match with Keith Peacock ident.mp3]

Reaction to Wagstaff’s Goal!

[audio: goal fan reaction NO STAB AT END .mp3]

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