Pete, Terry and myself arrived very nervously at the Valley last night that we had, probably, our highest profile interview lined up for that evening.

The Chair, Michael Slater, was to grace our little broom cupboard with his presence.

Following on from his very honest letter to fans we took the opportunity to quiz him a little further. I can tell you that he is well and truly Addickted, he wanted fans to know that he’s in it for the long term. That Chris Powell is the man to take us forward and that he also hurts from the recent dip dive in form.

He went on to speak about that weekend feeling we all get after yet another defeat. He’s not a wrist slasher yet, but shares the same frustrations as you and I do. In fact there’s a little bit in the interview about some advice given to him by Richard Murray.

The interview is about 20 minutes long and well worth tuning into on Sunday night. In fact it’s free at the moment if you sign up to the 14 day trial on CAFC Player. Go on, give it a go!


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