The new Charlton Live Saturday show starts tomorrow, preparations have been ongoing for a while now and on the 19th March 2011 at 10am we find out has if it has all come together. Hopefully all will go swimmingly and we can all breath a sigh of relief at 12pm when the show ends.

So what are we doing for two hours I hear you ask. Well we shall have some information about our opposition for the game on Saturday, there will be some travel news for those going to the game as well as some other surprises thrown in. We also have the first part of the Robbie Elliot interview, which is the thing I am most looking forward too as I gave him a few curve ball questions.

I myself have been present now on a few Sunday shows but this does not mean that I consider myself an expert in doing the show, though does give me some handy grounding and useful insight.. Seeing the likes of Dave, Peter, Terry and Liam in action does give you tips and hopefully this will show tomorrow when I speak. Not that I have anything interesting to say.

So it’s just under 12 hours away, excited? No? Well you should be! I am, nervous too but that is only natural. I have been enjoying my time helping Charlton Live and long that it shall continue.

Hope you enjoy the show, hopefully there being so many Matt’s will not be confusing for myself and the listeners, then there is Sam (Steve) and Olly. The new team!


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